2017 Special Olympics Ontario Summer Provincial Games

Welcome to the Endorsement and Registration page for the 2017 SOO Provincial Summer Games. The 2017 Summer Games will be held in Peel from July 13-16, 2017.

Coach & Volunteer Application

If you are interested in filling out an application form to be considered to fill a coaching or volunteer position at the 2017 Provincial Summer Games please click HERE

Healthy Athlete 

The Special Olympics Healthy Athletes is a worldwide health program designed to address the unique challenges that face many people with intellectual disabilities surrounding health care and communicating their health needs. This is completed through offering free health screenings and education to athletes. Many athletes and caregivers have been surprised to participate in a Healthy Athletes screening and discover health issues that have gone undiagnosed through regular health channels. SOO is working hard to improve athlete health initiatives such as the Healthy Athletes screenings because we know that if we can encourage individuals with an intellectual disability to become healthier, their personal health burden will decrease, and their physical abilities, athletic performances and overall quality of life will improve!

 Health Screenings include Healthy Eyes, Healthy Hearing, Fit Feet, Healthy Smiles, and many more.

If you would like to participate in the HA Screening while at the 2017 Provincial Summer Games please fill out the Screening and Release for and upload it to your Endorsement and Registration form or hand it in to you DTM by February 1, 2017. 

Healthy Athlete Screening and Release Form

Provincial Games Forms

The following Release and Agreement form must be filled out for every athlete that has been identified for consideration to a District Training Team. Please print the form, fill it out and either upload it onto the Endorsement/Registration form or 
hand it into your DTM by February 1, 2017.

2017 Provincial Summer Games Athlete Agreement and Release Form

Head Shots

All Athletes endorsement & registration forms must have a current, high resolution head shot picture of the athlete uploaded into it. The head shot will be used, if the athlete is formally named to the District Team, for their Games Accreditation ID and for the Adopt An Athlete marketing campaign. 

The following is an example of what the head shot picture should look like:
Please note if the file that is uploaded is not high resolution or is inappropriate in anyway a second request will be made for a head shot picture of the athlete.